Fire Watch Security Guards


Fire Watch  Security Guards   must  complete a state licensed training program before they can be assigned to their post.  Each state will have their own  training program to complete before they receive their certification.   All our employees have gone through a stringent background check, drug and alcohol screening, and are required to attend intensive training .  This training ensures a quality services to our clients and reduces liability by instilling confidence in our officers to handle situations appropriately.


Lookout Duties

A fire watch, or fire lookout, monitors a building or area

at risk of fire. This could be during an emergency, at a
public event, when hot work is being carried out, or
when an alarm system has failed. The person or people
designated as the fire watch must check for fires and fire
threats within the building or area.

Fire Watch Security

A fire watch must be able to monitor the entire building or area at risk.
Anyone performing the duty of fire watch has to monitor the building or
area at risk, and must not perform any other duties, the University of
Colorado says in an article on fire watch procedures in facilities
management. It may also be necessary to inspect the site before an event or before hot
work is carried out, to make sure there are no fire hazards in the area. Hot work is any
work, such as welding, that produces sparks or flames. There must be enough people
involved in the fire watch to make sure they can cover all floors and rooms of buildings.

Emergency Duties

Fire Watch Security

Fire Watch Security

Fire watch personnel must know how to set off alarms.
The person or people responsible for fire watch duties must know how
to set off an alarm if they discover a fire, must know how to evacuate an
area or building, and must have and be able to use the necessary
equipment to extinguish a fire. Fire watch personnel should also be able to use any fire
protection systems active in the building.

Fire Watch Security

Emergency services should be called immediately in the event of a fire.
If a fire watch is being carried out in collaboration with a fire department,
fire watch personnel must know how to contact the fire department
directly. The fire watch also should be able to communicate with any
occupants of the building or area in order to remove them in the event of a fire.
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A log should be kept by the fire watch.
The fire watch should keep a log of activities carried out during the
watch, the Seattle Fire Department says. This should include the address
of the area being patrolled, details of the patrols, names of fire watch
personnel, and details of any communications with the fire department