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Mobile Patrol Security





Exterior Patrols

Mobile Patrol Security


Mobile Patrol Security Guards   must  complete a state licensed training program before they can be assigned to their post.  Each state will have their own  training program to complete before they receive their certification.   All our employees have gone through a stringent background check, drug and alcohol screening, and are required to attend intensive training .  This training ensures a quality services to our clients and reduces liability by instilling confidence in our officers to handle situations appropriately.

Most people know that mobile patrol security guards are responsible for surveying outdoor spaces. For those with large or multiple sites, this provides a cost-effective solution, since mobile security officers can cover a much larger area than the same number of static security guards, while still providing an effective visual deterrent and a rapid response to any security incidents.

Using liveried vehicles, mobile patrol security guards travel around your site so that they can keep a close eye on every part of it, paying special attention to dangerous or high-risk areas. And, by utilising both random and pre-scheduled checks, mobile security officers ensure that their activities do not become predictable.

Interior Patrols

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile patrol security officers may also undertake interior patrols of any buildings in their patrol area. This can be multiple buildings on the same site or several buildings on separate sites. Comprehensively searching properties, checking and maintaining security systems, ensuring fire safety protocols are being adhered to, removing any hazards and making sure no sensitive documents are lying around – mobile patrol security officers are responsible for all of this.

Mobile security patrol officers will also write interim and extensive incident reports so that you’re able to see exactly what’s happened and where.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

Mobile Patrol Security

Most mobile patrol security guards also protect businesses from unnecessary risk, unnecessary costs and inconvenience by providing a keyholding and alarm response service. Keyholders can be called upon to open or close the premise at any time, and are trusted with storing a spare set of keys in a safe location – generally away from the premises.

Additionally, mobile security patrol guards will respond rapidly if your alarm sounds. After ascertaining what caused the alarm to sound (whether a false alarm or a genuine security issue), mobile security patrol officers will take the most appropriate course of action – either resetting the alarm, or locating and detaining the culprit(s) and liaising with emergency services.



Health and Safety & First Aid Trained

Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile Patrol Security

Good mobile patrol security guards are health and safety and first aid trained. This means that they can give advice and guidance when it comes to health and safety best practice protocols, including fire safety, emergency evacuation planning and health and safety strategy plans. It also means that, if an accident does occur on your site, help is never far away.

Mobile CCTV


The term closed-circuit television (CCTV) describes video surveillance that is not openly transmitted, otherwise known as surveillance systems used for security purposes in airports, stores, banks, hotels, hospitals military installations and elsewhere. Early CCTV systems required continuous human monitoring. Later, CCTV evolved to include motion detection – which required less monitoring – and recording capability, which began in the form of analog tape before transitioning to digital storage. More recently, CCTV systems have evolved to include face recognition technology, and is often referred to as biometric surveillance.

Mobile Patrol Security

Though not offered by all security companies, some mobile security patrol officers will also have access to mobile CCTV units. Equipped with a variety of surveillance technologies (including zoom, pan, tilt and static cameras; PA systems; automatic license plate detection; and remote monitoring equipment) mobile CCTV units make it possible to record and monitor incidents in real time. Mobile CCTV is a great way to ensure security during periods when you are without a security presence and for monitoring busy or dangerous areas in real time.