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Our facility Nationwide Security Inc.  has been considered to be the best  nationwide security guard company across the United States Specializing  in Security Guard Companies and Security Guard Training.

The reason for this is the professional staff, creativity, diverse background and dedication we all have towards success. We are staffed by

active and retired- city, state and federal Law Enforcement Officers with a combined 100+ years of security knowledge and experience.

All of our employees are certified by the respective States we operate in as either sworn Law Enforcement Officers or meet and exceed the minimum security officer requirements.

Our Platform for success  is based upon the theory, THE RIGHT PEOPLE PLUS THE PROPER AMOUNT OF TRAINING = SUCCESS EVERY TIME.

The President, CEO and Founder of Nationwide Security  has also brought the necessary ingredients to the recipe for success.

  • Masters Degree

  • Setting up a security program  for the State of Indiana Water Treatment Facilities

  • Setting  up security guard training schools for the State Of Illinois

  • Setting  up a Security Guard Training  Program For The United Center In Illinois

  • Seminars & Training For How to Manage A Security Guard Company,Supervisor Training Programs, Tactical Firearms, How To Use Cover & Concealment, Creating a Security Officer Supervisors Manual,Development of a Security Officers Safety Manual, Creating and implementation  Security Officers Training Program. Subjects, Patrolling, Law of Arrest, Customer Relations, When and when not to use Pepper Spray, Report Writing, When to use your firearme and much more informational materials.

  • Certified  In Tactical Handcuffing, Baton,  Verbal Judo and many more

  • Several Years protecting his country in The United States Marine Crops.

  • Implementation of new and improved security programs

  • Specialization in marketing security guard companies and training schools

  • Selection of our Staff Personnel combined 100+ years security experience

  • Founder, President and CEO of a successful nationwide SEO  marketing company specializing in the security industry.

  • Set Up Security Program For Harris Theater

  • Set Up Security Training Program for Security Guards  United Center