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Why Training in Security is an Investment – Nationwide Security


One of the Pitfalls of the security industries and other industries as a whole is Training.

When budgets are reviewed  training is near the bottom of the list. Training is looked upon as an expense.  In theory that is correct.  Nationwide Security looks upon  training as an investment in the future growth of a company.

Here is where the problem becomes most apparent, The Bidding Process.  As in all business we are always looking for the best price.  When price is your major concern, that is when you are making your biggest mistake.  Unknowingly you are forcing many companies to possibly cut some services.  Unfortunately   training is looked upon an expense, because of  this there is a strong possibility training could be reduced.. Now we have another problem coupled with the previously problem listed above.

Training is a valuable asset to any company including the Security Industries more so than any other industry. When you contact with a security company what value do you put on your life, your family, your employees?


The Drive and Tools we use to ensure that Nationwide Security is #1 and will remain #1.

Nationwide Security is convinced that Training is a very important ingredient for our success in the security industry.  We also understand that without the most focused training program relevant and  specialized to the security industry, in the long run that security guard company will fail and your company will suffer.

Back to our philosophy training is a company asset not an expense.

As you know we work very closely with our Affiliates.  Affiliates represent who we are, therefore, we insist and ensure they all have the same characteristics as Nationwide Security.

Nationwide Security has developed a training program that is mandatory for all our Affiliates with no cost to them. The program is base upon the premise of a two tier platform, First Line of Defense and Second Line of Defense.

Definition: First Line of Defense;  Our Security Guard Team on your Property– First Line of Defense Security Guard Training Manual.

Second Line of Defense: Supervisors, Team Leaders.— Program The Supervisor’s Field Training Manual.

Examples of  some materials covered by Supervisor’s Manual: Relationships with Client and Security Guards,  Supervisor Styles, Evaluating Subordinate Performance, Goals and Objectives, plus many more.

Examples of some materials covered by the Security Guard Training Manual:  Customer And Client Relations, Report Writing, Post Orders, plus many more.

These Training Program will ensure the quality and performance  of our Affiliates will not Deteriorate over time. Most importantly provide our clients with the professional service they require to keep their company safety, and  profitable and no cost incurred by our Affiliates for our  Two Tier Training Program.  Everyone benefits 



Additional Ingredient For Success

Ingredients for our success include the following:

  • Staff Personnel
  • Specialization
  • Client Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Training Program For Our  Affiliates
  • SEO Marketing Program

Staff Personnel

Staff Personnel consist of active and retired- city, state and federal Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel. Each armed with the knowledge and experience in the security industry.


To be successful in any business, specialization is one of the key ingredients. Nationwide Security has a combined 100+ years of experience. Confronting every possible scenario and coming up with the solution.

Client Communication

Communication is one of the areas that many security companies overlook. At the point of signing the contract everyone is on the same page. However, things change along the way. These changes have to be confronted and handle efficiently as soon as possible. Regular scheduled meeting have to be incorporated into the contract.


No day is the same. Security programs & companies need to be flexibility and willing to make adjustments as soon as possible. This is where experience and specialization comes into the picture.




  • Short & Long Term Services Nationwide
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Local & Nationwide Security Services
  • Competitive Rates Nationwide
  • Centralized Management of all personnel no matter if you have one or multiple locations being serviced
  • Security Guards & Staff are selected for their reliability, professionalism and training.

Thank You

Nationwide Security




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