Plain Clothes Security Guards 

Plain Clothes  Security Guards   must  complete a state licensed training program before they can be assigned to their post.  Each state will have their own  training program to complete before they receive their certification.   All our employees have gone through a stringent background check, drug and alcohol screening, and are required to attend intensive training .  This training ensures a quality services to our clients and reduces liability by instilling confidence in our officers to handle situations appropriately.

Plain clothes officers can also be referred to as being undercover security guards. They are often found in large retail stores, sporting venues, and in large public gatherings or places where there is a high amount of foot traffic, including outdoor concerts. They provide a host of benefits, though they’re not suitable for every situation. However, they are highly recommended for the following businesses:


plain Clothes Security

For warehouses, plain clothes security guards can examine the interaction of the employees and be on the look out for any suspicious activities. By hiring plain clothes security guards, you’ll be effectively hiring internal security that is undercover to focus on the employees themselves. Many of these security guards, based on your instructions, will be able to assess whether or not the employees are following all of the necessary protocols when they are not being watched.

Office Buildings

For corporate or office buildings, plain clothes security officers can provide security services that doesn’t stand out in the sense that it’ll give the place a more professional appearance. These security officers can even be made to wear suits if necessary.


Plain Clothes Security

With retail, plain clothes security guards will be able to spot shoplifting, as well as other security issues, more frequently if people do not think they’re in the presence of security.